"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Responsible for software/hardware effort in the first-of-a-kind IT Globalization program for the company’s automotive division, including deployment of the IT Education Program, Official Logo design, Branding Program, Hardware Optimization and others.

A Bit More

First job upon graduation: selected as one of 5 graduates from over 40 US business schools to work for Hyundai’s newly formed Globalization Project, which started with the automotive division and later (1999) became Hyundai AutoEver Europe GmbH. The goal was to digitize the company’s infrastructure, starting with its automotive division. We are talking the pre-dawn era of paper invoices, three-dollar-per-minute international phone calls, as well as methodical tariff fraud and shipping and storage losses. This was an exciting project for a rookie, which launched my career in information technology domain and launched Hyundai on the way to become a global industrial empire in the 21st century.

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Initiated, co-designed and co-deployed a Corporate IT Education Program
  2. Brand management, IT procurement, international logistics
  3. UX design: UIs, user research, interaction (IxD) and visual design, wireframes/prototypes, QA
  4. Designed an Official Logo for the Brand Awareness Program (still in use as of 2015)
  5. Assisted in building data architecture and deployment logistics of a global IT network
  6. Tested software and hardware locally and globally via VPN tunnels
  7. Designed a refresh algorithm for first-in-industry color graphics integration module

Role Details and Exhibits

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