"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Responsible for marketing research, business analysis, UX design, product development and strategy of a healthcare information startup, including web/apps and software/hardware contributions, leading to annual income growth in 5 years from near-zero to eight figures, including streams from the Symptom Checker, Readable Content Segmentation project, product innovation effort, SEO methodologies, advertising programs and others.

A Bit More

I was one of the first 100 employees hired by the team of Jim Clark and Pavan Nigam to work for Healthscape, aka Healtheon, which later (1999) became WebMD (although the parent company name was Emdeon). My core responsibilities included (1) marketing research, (2) prototyping, interaction design and visual design of WebMd’s consumer-facing and professional products, including The Symptom Checker, Rx healthcare management platforms, clinic and hospital XaaS software, multiple proprietary hardware UIs, a growing range of WebMD websites and a full spectrum of subscription-based products for insurance firms, treatment facilities and research laboratories – all with a focus on market share growth, (3) assisting in project coordination, and (4) SEO/SEM activities in connection with sister consumer-facing healthcare information sites.

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Software and hardware UIs, including MD Control Center, Public Health Monitor, MediGraph Module, Healtheon PatientList Application (client/network) and others
  2. The Symptom Checker: interaction design and graphics/visual design
  3. Wireframing, prototyping, QA, usability testing
  4. Readable Content Segmentation: found a niche to implement a methodology to increase third-party ad revenues from under $2 MM/mo to over $3 MM/mo
  5. Product roadmaps, development, iteration, KPIs/analytics and business strategy
  6. Conducted SEO/SEM research and designed context-driven ad display algorithms
  7. Copyrighted content of sister sites to drive traffic to WebMD’s core platform
  8. Liaised with business clients to collect requirements for custom solutions

Role Details and Exhibits

Each of my prior career roles has 2 dedicated pages on this site – a public summary like this one and a secure page with details and exhibits. My portfolio includes 40+ products/projects and 150+ docs, exhibits, studies and papers. Want more info? Click away!