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Wireframes vs Prototypes: What’s the Difference?

Written by SANDER NIZNI. Posted in - Everything, Creativity, Outreach, Portfolio, Product Management, Research, UX Boom

Original post: December 13, 2015 | GoogleScholar | Academia.edu

Introduction: Wireframing and Prototyping

wireframes-vs-prototypesWireframes and prototypes – as well as software used for wireframing and prototyping – make the process of creating an app, a website or any software or hardware product notably easier – by simplifying the product and allowing all involved in its development to focus on the product’s functions and user interactivity. Everyone in the production team – from stakeholders and information architects to project managers and quality assurance personnel – needs to understand how an application or website will work and what it is intended to do. For that purpose, wireframing and prototyping are not synonyms, technically speaking. Let’s look at their differences and similarities.