"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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Sander Nizni - aka HyperAbsolute - Product Design and Strategy SpecialistHello friend – I am Sander Nizni, also known as HyperAbsolute. I love translating raw ideas and concepts into great products, user experiences and customer journeys.


Career Philosophy

Sander Nizni - aka HyperAbsolute - Product Design and Strategy SpecialistTechnology and commerce change daily. Capacity to adapt is key to survival. In turn, I believe the diversity of my background is more valuable than its relevance to any one industry or to the product’s market size. My track record shows: I passionately study business, technology and humans, and I distill these elements into marketable, good-looking, valuable products.


Beyond Work

  • Sciences/research… industrial design, healthcare, biotech, economics, real estate
  • Sailing… I sail J24/34, Tornado, 470, Laser, Finn and 3-person skiffs
  • Travels (my last five vacations)… Guatemala, Holland, Italy, Nepal, UK
  • Else… hiking, trekking, traveling, some more sailing, and watching science fiction movies (I have no TV at home, but I find Netflix enjoyable from time to time)


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