"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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Sander Nizni - aka HyperAbsolute - Product Design and Strategy SpecialistHello friend – I am Sander, also known as HyperAbsolute (whatever that means to you). If I look like a half-robot, don’t worry: if you see the glass half full, you will recognize that I am also half-human! This site is my story: I love seeking out good ideas and translating them into great products and customer experiences. I can work alone, but I love being part of a team and going to work every day – sue me… or reach out to me, and let’s talk about your next ambitious idea: if I love what you say and do, I will help you even if you can’t afford me!


Career Philosophy

Sander Nizni - aka HyperAbsolute - Product Design and Strategy SpecialistTechnology and commerce change daily. So, the diversity of my background is more valuable than its relevance to any one industry or to the product’s market size. My track record shows: I passionately study business, technology and humans, and I distill these elements into marketable, good-looking, profitable products. Ask anyone who has recommended me on LinkedIn for examples: I love to learn and have never taken a job/project that didn’t challenge me. Perhaps this is why my skillset today is so diverse indeed!


Beyond Work

  • Sciences/research… industrial design, healthcare, biotech, economics, real estate
  • Sailing… I sail J24/34, Tornado, 470, Laser, Finn and 3-person skiffs
  • Travels (my last five vacations)… Guatemala, Holland, Italy, Nepal, UK
  • Else… hiking, trekking, traveling, some more sailing, and watching science fiction movies (I have no TV at home, but I find Netflix enjoyable from time to time)


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