"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Funded by Mark Stevens of Sequoia Capital, we are the world’s leading private neurosciences tech lab with 100+ global enterprise clients and 10+ million users. Our focus is on studying and understanding the human brain and helping others in the same domain/space do it better. We design, develop, validate and market tools – from big data SaaS products to hardware protocols, to business platforms/PaaS, to interactive VR (virtual reality) systems – to enable brain specialists and medical/healthcare organizations worldwide to better understand the relationships between brain structure and function across space, time and scale. We are interested in the full spectrum of brain-related scientific topics, including brain anatomy, function, development, aging, anomalies and disease.

A Bit More

My lean team is part of a 400-member cross-functional group in a scientific innovation lab: we design and manage tools used in gathering, processing, and making available for research and scientific analysis petabytes of sophisticated, multi-dimensional brain data, including transactional and imaging data of all modalities (MRI/fMRI, CT-scans, biospecimen data, etc).

I work with a diverse range of internal stakeholders and external clients to distill ideas, opportunities and threats into strategic product roadmaps, and then I lead in defining user stories and customer journeys and in generating logical workflows, proof-of-concept presentations, interactive prototypes and – ultimately – contribute to the entire spectrum of the PLC/PDLC activities concept to launch and beyond, including design, development, go-to-market strategy, A/B testing, user research (quantitative), usability testing (qualitative), KPI-driven performance analytics, segmentation, positioning, campaigns and more. Users of our tools and data (target market/audience) include pharmaceutical teams, medical PhDs/doctors, PhD scientists, medical practitioners, scientific investigators, healthcare program managers, testing facilities, as well as a range of private, independent research labs.

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