"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Founded, financed, designed, launched and executed a 4-year product roadmap, leading to a successful 2011 acquisition exit: in an agile team of 9, shipped and monetized a disruptive SaaS platform (PaaS) for transaction management and lead generation servicing 1.3+ MM real estate practitioners (including agents, brokers, franchises, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, banks and attorneys) in 1,400+ state, local and regional NAR-affiliated Realtor boards as well as over 600 international regions, reaching 50+ MM consumers on Realtor.com and through a network of worldwide MLS and lead generation systems.

A Bit More

My ‘lean and mean’ agile team designed ‘from scratch’ and shipped this powerful SaaS product in under a year to generate consumer real estate leads by managing property viewings (showings) and other appointments (e.g., appraisals, inspections, etc.) and post-showing feedback – the most time-consuming transactional element for residential real estate practitioners. The product’s target audience consisted of 1.36 million agents, brokers and other practitioners (lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc.) – initially in North America as a free service and eventually across the globe in four fee-based market segments. A team of 35 was assembled for the job with 26 professionals from pre-contracted affiliated partners (a great leverage) plus 9 in-house full-time hires. The platform (a fully functional demo is available on request) included (a) a public web portal, (b) a plugin for MLS (multiple listing service) providers, (c) an API for integration with electronic lockbox manufacturers, and (d) a collection of powerful APIs for MLS and board integration with consumer-facing sites (e.g., Realtor.com). The product debuted in November 2007 and was broadly accepted, reaching over 400,000 active users and over 200,000 international paying clients in under 2 years. By 2011, the product later became part of the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) used by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO.com).

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Founded, financed and monetized the product concept to launch and to exit (acquisition)
  2. Operated in an agile team of 9 and worked cross-functionally with 26 outside specialists
  3. Delivered 0-to-92% USA product acceptance in 1 year with net profit of $9+ MM/year
  4. Collaborated with industry stakeholders across MLSs, consumer sites and professional boards
  5. Product management: MRDs/PRDs/RTMs, marketing, product road maps, strategic partnerships
  6. HCI/UI/UX design: interaction (IxD) and visual design, wireframes/prototypes
  7. Information architecture, user research, usability testing, UX architecture, QA
  8. Product maintenance, marketing campaigns, SEO/SEM, data analytics
  9. Built data sharing/licensing channels and APIs for 120+ MLS providers
  10. Shipped APIs for 1400+ local/regional/state real estate boards and associations
  11. Designed/shipped 4x VOIP SIP offshore call centers with 150+ reps to support the platform
  12. Within 4 years upon launch, the service adopted as an industry standard (RESO.org)
  13. Successfully deployed the product in over 600 international regions in 3 languages
  14. Deployed a branding add-on for Association-Owned MLS networks to up revenues by 86%

Role Details and Exhibits

Each of my prior career roles has 2 dedicated pages on this site – a public summary like this one and a secure page with details and exhibits. My portfolio includes 40+ products/projects and 150+ docs, exhibits, studies and papers. Want more info? Click away!