"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Sample Portfolio Products/Projects: 13 (next page)
  • Assets: 45 exhibits + files (next page) – Preview Lens
  • Role: Member of the Application Integration Group comprised of 18 people; responsible for cross-department quality assurance, product design, business analytics, B2B customer service policies and many aspects of the group’s business strategy; shipped four new concept-to-launch products for SMB users (small and medium sized businesses), including TurboLister, Listing Manager, Selling Assistant and eBay Toolbar; conducted extensive research and compiled technical docs and manuals (downloadable PDFs available on the next page) in connection with PayPal acquisition and cross-product API integration.

A Bit More

As eBay was steadily expanding during the rollout stage, it worked hard (a) to convert one-time users into dedicated high-volume clients (‘mass sellers’), (b) to grow from acquisitions, and (c) to improve quality of service without investing in new support staff. For these purposes, between 2001 and 2004 eBay operated a tight-matrix 18-person group known as the Application Integration Group. The core of my international team was located in Dublin, Ireland and in Seoul, South Korea (for Auction.co.kr subsidiary). We were responsible for three things – for (1) development and cross-product quality assurance in connection with four new value-enhancing products (of which three are still in use as of 2014), for (2) international growth strategy, and for (3) integration of PayPal into eBay’s core service offering upon its acquisition by eBay in July of 2002.

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Worked in a cross-functional team of 18 specialists to build and market new products
  2. Product development, design, maintenance, integration and marketing strategy
  3. UX design: UIs, research, interaction/IxD and visual design, wireframes/prototypes
  4. Shipped 4 concept-to-launch products: grew revenue for each from $0 to $20+ MM/mo for TurboLister, Seller’s Assistant App, Selling Manager App and eBay Toolbar
  5. Information architecture, business analytics, marketing research, KPIs
  6. Co-led research, usability testing and integration of PayPal into the core platform
  7. Wrote product documentation and guides, including PayPal Post-Sale Manager
  8. Internationalization: assisted in redesign of a Korean site auction.co.kr

Role Details and Exhibits

Each of my prior career roles has 2 dedicated pages on this site – a public summary like this one and a secure page with details and exhibits. My portfolio includes 40+ products/projects and 150+ docs, exhibits, studies and papers. Want more info? Click away!