"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Worked in an agile team of 13 to research, design, develop and release the AmazonMP3 platform; improved multiple core platform functions through business analysis/intelligence, usability research, iterative design and marketing; deliverables included MP3 Downloader App, Content Internationalization Program, AmieStreetMusic.com Landing Page, Login-Logout Process Redesign, Department Sorting Protocol, Audio File Conversion Project, and others.

A Bit More

Amazon began working on its digital music distribution platform in 2004 – three years prior to its scheduled release. My skills in UX design and marketing, as well as my amateur background in electronic music (EDM) production, assisted me in getting this position. Further, I worked on several exciting marketing and design projects for the core Amazon.com platform. My work was mainly done within my core agile team of 13 people in the London (UK) office. My responsibilities revolved around product design, development and many aspects of strategic marketing, with heavy focus on globalization, internationalization and profitability. The job required creativity with a lot of whiteboarding, extensive research, international cross-functional collaboration, and a vast amount of strategic marketing effort.

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Worked in a team of 13 to ship AmazonMP3 platform and improve the core Amazon site
  2. Product design, development, marketing, promotion, APIs, KPIs and data analytics
  3. Shipped the first Amazon MP3 client application UI (wireframes, prototypes, etc.)
  4. HCI/UI/UX design: interaction (IxD), visual, information architecture, user research, QA
  5. Co-managed qualitative and quantitative research in product pre-development
  6. Designed AmieStreetMusic.com landing page: delivered 82% client retention on acquisition, leading to $5+ MM in revenues for the first year (page still in use to date)
  7. (core site) Login-Logout Module: increased user session length by 700% (not a typo)
  8. (core site) Built ‘Forced’ Department-Specific Search: search efficiency up 37%
  9. (core site) Redesigned Product Return Options Page (page still in use to date)
  10. Audio File Conversion: led the effort to optimize downsampling and streaming policies
  11. Internationalization: designed the site’s foreign language variants (Dutch, Spanish)

Role Details and Exhibits

Each of my prior career roles has 2 dedicated pages on this site – a public summary like this one and a secure page with details and exhibits. My portfolio includes 40+ products/projects and 150+ docs, exhibits, studies and papers. Want more info? Click away!