"Design is often the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds."

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  • Role: Worked in a busy agile Core Team (the Product Experience and Engagement Team) within a virtualized department of 98 international IT and business professionals (part of the company’s global 500-person IT Group spread across 4 locations). This flexible and relatively small team within our huge matrix-type organization served as a ‘logical bridge’ that translated heavy/big and complex global business strategies and problems into light/lean and marketable (and good-looking) solutions across a portfolio of all B2B and some B2C products – for both core fleets and subsidiary fleets worldwide. I contributed to and led a number of ongoing revenue generators – web, mobile, cloud and custom, including a fair amount of hardware integration – by collaborating in cross-functional teams to design, develop, deploy, improve, and market solutions for 3000+ enterprise clients, 1000+ vendors, 10+ thousand internal users, and 500+ million annual users/visitors.

A Bit More

Our global department focused on B2B/enterprise clients but was also often tasked with assisting with some of the biggest B2C/consumer products. Our group included strategists, designers, product managers, business developers, software and hardware engineers and QA specialists, among others – with focus on the company’s global product strategy and customer experience. This encompassed a broad range of product design, development and marketing initiatives. We worked in 3-week Agile sprints but had some waterfall jobs every now and then. About 70% of my effort was allocated toward my immediate team, and the rest was dedicated to contributing to a variety of cross-functional ‘fluid project groups’ (which can be product-driven or project-driven) of 5-20 members responsible for development, maintenance, improvement and usability standardization of products and services – including software and hardware – across the company’s [a] core transport fleet, [b] external B2B clients, and (c) subsidiary business groups, such as Air France Cargo and KLM Cargo as well as Air Tahiti, Alitalia, Hop, Kenya Airways, Cityhopper, Martinair and Transavia.

Team's Highlights | INPO

  1. Collaborated with VP of Integration, COO and 7 other global stakeholders
  2. New white-label PaaS with global navigation maps: $40+ MM annual revenue
  3. B2B Cargo Mobile App and Expo Mobile App: revenue up $94+ MM/year
  4. HCI/UI/UX design: interaction (IxD), visual, information architecture
  5. Marketing: roadmaps, segmentation, positioning, (co)branding, campaigns
  6. Service Quality Policy/CX: saved $4+ MM/year, service complaints down 23%
  7. Wireframes, prototypes, CSS guides, quality assurance, technical documentation/guides
  8. Data analytics/KPIs, partnerships, licensing agreements, SEO strategy
  9. (HW) Cabin Ergonomics (seating): revenue up $52 MM/year
  10. (HW) Cockpit Illumination Design: saved $42 MM/year, hazards down 38%

Role Details and Exhibits

Each of my prior career roles has 2 dedicated pages on this site – a public summary like this one and a secure page with details and exhibits. My portfolio includes 40+ products/projects and 150+ docs, exhibits, studies and papers. Want more info? Click away!